Healthy holiday gift ideas: third part

December 9, 2014

For the bearded boyfriend, who is caring, always makes you laugh, knows all the Beatles songs, and is definitely not a morning person.

Phillips wake-up light: an alarm clock that gradually brightness the room. Recommended by the National Sleep Foundation as part of the light therapy for shift work disorder. natural light can also increase energy levels. $69.99 plus free shipping

                                                Healthy snacks for the "eat better" resolution. This brand promises to offer products with no sugar, no sulfur-dioxide, no additives, no gluten, and no GMOs. 

Buddy Guy Tickets
Concert tickets: the best mood booster. For the fans out there Buddy Guy is coming to Houston next year. Tickets here. Prices vary

For the caring in-laws who set the example of a wonderful marriage, and are always up to date with everything.
Classic Series Membership

Wine of the month club: because red wine is good for the heart when used in light moderate amounts

 Mini pedal bike: Research has showed that sitting for long periods of time puts people at risk to develop many illnesses. This pedal is a great option for those with sedentary jobs. $65.95 plus free shipping
Prepara Deluxe Oil Mister

Oil moister: a light spray of healthy fat on salads and veggies adds good flavor. $14.95

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