Have a delicious thanksgiving

November 27, 2014

The time for giving thanks shouldn't be just once a year. However, since there is a dedicated day, why not take full advantage of the holiday to express gratitude? In fact, showing appreciation for the things others do for us has a profound effect on how we are perceived, and is also great for your health. In the documentary Happy, scientists disclosed that one way to increase happiness is to keep a gratitude journal, even by just writing down three things you are grateful for each week!
But I think the benefits are even greater when we devote effort and a few more minutes to sincerely acknowledge that thoughtful friend, neighbor, colleague, or relative… here are some creative ways to do so:

- Send a real letter. We have gone digitally so fast than pen and paper are quickly becoming a lost art form
- Cook a nice meal
- Send a picture of yourself wearing the gift you received with a big smile on your face
- Bake some treats
- Babysit for that friend who has not have a time alone with her husband for so long
- Clean up the house. This can be especially meaningful for the overwhelmed new parents. Doing the dishes, some laundry, swiping the floor can significantly make their day so much easier
- A date with your mom, or dad, sister. Just one special night for them
- Make a donation on behalf of someone

       Or just simply say THANK YOU!!!

(photo taken by A. Laczek from free images


  1. I totally agree! another thing i find very useful is trying to live in the moment. Stop thinking about the past or the future and just immerse yourself in the present and acknowledge the importance of now. Lately, we have become too attached to our phone and other devices and we spend our time thinking about something or someone else...we are missing life. We stop enjoying the little things that happen in our every day life which are things that we ought to be thankful for. This, like you said is also important for our health as it helps ease issues like depression or anxiety...things people up here in Canada suffer from quite a lot.


  2. "The way you live the world changes your reality". Not too long ago, i saw a video of Shawn Achor giving a lecture on TED Talk about the happiness advantage. One can conclude from watching the video, that being thankful and having gratitude for the small things that happen to us every day will enable us to be more kind and view the world in a more positive way. Achor too, recommends us to keep a journal and write three new things each day for 28 days for things we are grateful for. By writing these one a journal, we can re live these moments and keep ourselves more proud and positive. Let's train our brains to be happy!!