Healthy gift ideas: last part

December 10, 2014

For the beautiful friend, who loves running, and always looks stylish even when wearing our national soccer team jersey.

Comfortable and stylish workout clothes: because getting excited to get dressed can also be a motivation to go the gym. Prices vary

Polar RC3: because is great for runners and cyclists. It's a built-in GPS watch that tracks speed and distance during training sessions. It also keeps   track of your performance. You get instant feedback based   on the training program you created. In Amazon you can find the best price $127.93 plus free shipping.

Four the outdoorsy friend, who is very smart, and knows all your secrets.

Perfect portions nutrition scale: because it is the easiest way
to track your daily food intake. It's also a nutritional 
calculator. $39.99 plus free shipping

 Sleeping bag: for all the active weekend adventures ahead! On sale $89.99 plus free shipping

For the philosopher friend, who loves cheese, makes the weirdest sarcastic jokes, and gives good advice. 

State shaped cheese board: fun, pretty, and perfect for a nutritious cheese party (without the pepperoni of course). $19.99

A much needed book for the psychological and emotional well-being of a graduate student. I just added this book to my winter break reading list too. $9.99

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  1. Nathaly: this cheese board is the shape of the state of Illinois.