Healthy holiday gift ideas: Gifts so great your loved one won’t even know they’re healthy

December 4, 2014

Upon request of my friends, in the next few days I am going to share with you some holiday gift ideas that are also healthy. These would be great to stay fit during the holidays, and for the New Year’s resolutions. After all, aren't health and happiness the best gifts of all?

 For the adorable mom who lives too many miles away, but whose kind words make you feel she is always close to you.

 Juice Extractor: Because there is no better way to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet than with this. $69.99 on sale

Sunflower Bouquet
Flowers of the month club: To brighten up the cold winter days ahead, and put her in a good mood. Prices vary

 Garlic press: Garlic is very good for your heart health, and this utensil makes crushing garlic cloves so easy and quick. $15.99

Reflexology Massage 
Foot massage: To alleviate her stress. See benefits of reflexology here. Prices vary

 For the younger sister, who loves to travel, takes wonderful pictures, and is always up for adventures

GoPro camera: something extra for what she enjoys doing on her leisure time, and because hobbies provide a number of important health benefits, like pleasure, stress relief, and opportunities to expand social networks. $129.99 plus free shipping

Backpack: great for outdoor activities. $59.00

Zumba: the most fun workout ever. $19.25

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