Why is lemon water so amazing?

June 13, 2015

We are always looking for easy ways to improve our health, and every once in a while, one trick keeps coming up: drinking lemon water...because nothing can be easier than squeezing some lemon juice in our water every day.
I usually squeeze 1/2 a lemon in a glass of warm (not hot) water almost every morning.

     So why is lemon water so amazing?

- it aids digestion: and encourages the production of bile
- boosts immune system: lemons are high in vitamin c, which protects the body against  immune system deficiencies.            
- soothes redness and inflammation in throat
- balances PH levels: lemons are one of the most alkaline foods for the body. lemon is a citric fruit, but once it has been fully metabolized, it has an alkalizing effect, raising the PH levels of   our  bodies.                          
- increases citrate levels in the urine, which helps prevent kidney stones

 Is lemon water part of your daily routine?

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