Scarf up!

January 10, 2015

I love scarves...of all colors, patterns, sizes...but on these cold winter days, they become more than just accessories, they are a must! If you want to try something different to the old fashioned "drape it around your neck", here are three different ways to wear a scarf. 

This year I am really loving the long and cozy blanket scarves. You can keep wrapping them, and wrapping them..and experiment with different styles. Most are large enough to wear them as a wrap or shawl, and if you add a belt it becomes a vest! This one here is from Zara and is on sale

Besides, wearing a scarf is the easiest way to cover our mouths and necks for the prevention of colds. It does not mean that i can't be fashionable, right?

                                              How do you usually tie your scarf?

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