New Year's resolutions printable

January 18, 2015

During the next few weeks, many people, including myself, will begin to list all the things that we want to do in the New Year. But despite the high hopes, sometimes we fail to turn them into reality. Writing objectives is the key, because it forces us to clarify what we want. Since I was a child, my mother taught me to write a resolutions list, and to keep it close for inspiration throughout the year. So now  I would like to share some strategies that I have learned to make goals more attainable.
If you have never written your resolutions before, you can begin by printing the attached printable I created. What I do is a little more detailed but this is a good start, and great for kids too. 

1. Plan and be specific: So that instead of saying “I want to have a great body” you will write the strategies you will use to make the goals more attainable, like running three times a week for 40 minutes. A goal without a plan to achieve it, is more a wish than a real goal.
2. Set a time frame: if you are planning on organizing your photo albums for example, set a deadline to accomplish it.
3. Celebrate small victoriesand eliminate “all or nothing” thinking. Small accomplishments count!
4. Post the list around you:  to give yourself visual reminders.
5. Believe you can: when struggling with self-doubt, look in the mirror, and repeat to yourself several times that you can do it. Visualize yourself meeting your goals.

Have fun writing your goals!

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