How to burn off holiday weight gain

December 28, 2014

Starting with the thanksgiving dinner, then New Year’s parties, countless of hot chocolates for the cold weather, and sugar treats everywhere. It is difficult to avoid the food temptations we are exposed to during this time of the year. 
According to a study published in the Nutrition Reviews journal, among the entire US population, weight gain during the holiday weeks accounts for 51% of the annual weight gain. Simply put, if we don’t get rid of it, these extra pounds will pile up as months go by. So, how can we burn off holiday meals and sweets? A Popsugar blog post gives us examples of how much physical exercise is needed to burn off traditional holiday foods. Here I share some of them with you:

1 slice of pumpkin pie
Jump rope for 30 minutes
1 beer bottle
One 15-minutes jog
1 cup of mashed potatoes
One hour of walking rapidly
6oz of red wine
Swimming laps for 16 minutes
½ cup of sweet potatoes with marshmallows
66 minutes of fast pace yoga
 *Calculations made on a 130 pounds women. 

Other tips:
- Try to exercise a little more than usual, especially if you are on vacation
- Drink alcohol moderately
- Eat smaller portion sizes
- If you are hosting holiday dinners and parties, try making meals and appetizers healthier, with less fat and sugar. 

Roberts, S., & Mayer, J. (2000). Holiday Weight Gain: Fact or Fiction? Nutrition Reviews, 58(12), 378-379.
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